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Blue Oyster Cult



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After the German leg of the tour behind Club Ninja, Joe Bouchard decided to leave the band. BÖC now only had two original members: Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma. Jon Rogers was hastily hired to replace the departed Joe, and this band finished out the 1986-87 tour.
Shortly afterward, the band, for all practical purposes broke up. This split was very short-lived, however, as they received an offer they couldn’t refuse to play in Greece. This was the impetus for Allen Lanier’s rejoining the band. He’d been planning a trip to Greece, and had also been “rather bored” during his time away from BÖC. With those gigs, he returned to the BÖC fold, and the band was officially un-broke up.
In the meantime, Albert had gotten a long way with his “Imaginos” project, but to his disdain found that the record company wasn’t behind it. However, they would be willing to release it if it was under the Blue Öyster Cult moniker. The decision was made to turn the tapes over to Pearlman and Blue Öyster Cult. New lead vocals and overdubs were added at Pearlman’s San Francisco studio, and in 1988 “Imaginos” was released. The album was barely promoted, and both critics and fans polarized over it. The album is a brilliant piece, but sadly even with currently respected musicians like Metallica singing the album’s praises, “Imaginos,” for all practical purposes, tanked. And shortly thereafter, Columbia records terminated its almost 20 year relationship with the Blue Öyster Cult.
Thus began a long period in which BÖC was “On Tour Forever” but had no record deal. Aside from a couple songs that appeared on the “Bad Channels” soundtrack, the band went 10 years before releasing another album. However, Columbia released, and continues to release, a steady stream of BÖC repackages and greatest hits discs.
During these years, BÖC took to the clubs, hiring Ron Riddle for the drum position, and retaining Jon Rogers on bass. In 1991 Riddle quit the band, and over the years the drum position has been held by Chuck Bürgi (Meatloaf), John Miceli (Rainbow), John O’Reilly (Ritchie Blackmore), and since 1997, Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath). In 1995 Jon Rogers quit the band, and was briefly replaced by Greg Smith (Alice Cooper). Long Island bassman Danny Miranda was hired in 1995, and has been with the band ever since.
In the late ’90s, BÖC secured a contract with CMC records, and in 1998 released “Heaven Forbid,” their first record in 10 years. “Heaven Forbid” was well received by both critics and fans, and brought the band back into the music aficionado’s conciousness. A good portion of the lyrics for the album were provided by sci-fi writer and (BÖC fan) John Shirley.
For the last 30 plus years, Blue Öyster Cult has been following their own unique path, and as of this writing are in the studio again to record their (-teenth) studio album. Their motto “On Tour Forever” still holds, as the band plays over 100 dates per year. Most fans feel the band sounds better than ever–that the musical maturity and skill combined with over three decades of playing together has made BÖC a prime example of rock and roll at its best.

Dave Brock's Wild Child

The Doors Experience



Wild Child – Dave Brock’s Doors Experience is the Los Angeles based act with over 20 solid years of world tour experience and has flourished in the competitive L.A. Music Scene. Faithfully re-creating a live Doors Concert on stage. The music is painstakingly reproduced and combined with the voice, look and essence of Jim Morrison live on stage (performed by lead singer Dave Brock). Wild Child tries to mirror the depth, energy and emotion of The Doors concerts as they were live back in the late 1960’s. The Band also utilizes the same musical instruments live as The Doors did over 40 years ago. Wild Child performs internationally, playing to packed venues around the globe.
Front man, Dave Brock, started his role as the Lizard King by grabbing the lead in the” Jim Morrison Rock Opera,” produced by the late legends sister, Anna Morrison Graham. Anna personally selected Brock for the part. From there, he started the band “Wild Child,” whose reputation rapidly spread from Southern California to remote areas of the world. Wild Child’s first show at The Whisky a-Go-Go was on July 3rd, 1986. A long string of sell out shows at The Whisky has continued for Wild Child to this date. Wild Child broke right into the national act venue circuit, and continues to play across the country and abroad to packed touring act venues. Many experts have complimented Wild Child’s rendition of a Doors concert, some of which are listed on the Press page of this site. Concert goers leave Wild Child concerts in amazement and disbelief, many of which are quoted here at Fan Reviews. The band relies on stage craft and musicianship to create an event that people will remember, without corn ball antics and pretentious banter. This is a serious, touring re-creation stage show!
Two years ago the band produced “Wild Child – Live In Concert” a 22 song double disc CD set of songs that The Doors made popular on stage as well as songs from their last album that they were never able to perform live with Jim Morrison, due to his unexpected death. Recorded 100% live, this CD set can be purchased and MP3 clips can be heard on the Wild Child live double CD page of this site. Below is what one expert said about the CD set:
… [Wild Child’s live CD] has been in production for over a year as lead singer David Brock has sought perfection on each and every song. I honestly think that this recording could get passed off to even a seasoned collector as being a new unheard Doors live show from the 1960’s. It’s the most incredible re-creation that I have ever heard”

Sponge: Performing Rotting Pinata in its entirety plus other hits

Opening Act: Hipnostic



Sponge has proven to be one of the Motor City’s heaviest hitters after gaining international notoriety with their debut album “Rotting Piñata” (Sony). Emerging from Detroit with hits like “Plowed” and “Molly (16 Candles)” Sponge received massive airplay on radio stations from coast to coast and were in heavy rotation on MTV. Both “Plowed” and “Molly” hit #5 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Charts, catapulting “Rotting Piñata” to Gold, and ultimately Platinum status.
Sponge’s follow up CD, the critically lauded “Wax Ecstatic” (Columbia) scored additional top ten Billboard hits including “Wax Ecstatic” and “Have You Seen Mary?” The band’s music was also featured in popular movies “The Craft,” “Chasing Amy,” “Mall Rats” and “Empire Records.” Sponge’s star continued to rise with network appearances on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and the “Conan O’Brien Show.”
Sponge’s subsequent releases “New Pop Sunday,” “For All The Drugs in The World,” “The Man,” “Galore Galore,” and “Destroy the Boy,” showcased the band’s swirling sonic attack, rooted in 70’s glam and of course, the Motor City influences of The Stooges, The MC5 and Motown-but still sounding distinctly like no one else.
“Plowed” continues to be the band’s signature rock track, having been spotlighted on Guitar Hero’s “Warriors of Rock – 90’s Rock Track Pack” – and on the Paper Jamz Guitar Series 2, in addition to the soundtrack for the Gerard Butler surf movie “Chasing Mavericks.”

Pyromania: Tribute to Def Leppard

Opening Act: Metal Abba



Four nonsensical words that mean nothing. But to the millions of Def Leppard fans they signify that a ceremony of both sight and sound has just begun.
Being called “The Next Best Thing to Def Leppard” is an honor that PYROMANIA: The Def Leppard Experience doesn’t take lightly. Fourteen years in the making, the band captures the music and the essence of a rock band that has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Grabbing the bull by the horns, PYROMANIA has stunned audiences all over the world with their amazing recreation of one of the most memorable rock bands and rock songs ever written. The music, the vocals, the harmonies and the screams. Don’t worry, it’s all there.
Fortunately the band has worked hard to make sure that nothing is left out. And once the show starts, PYROMANIA never slows down. The guitars are on 11, the bass reverberates the low rhythms and the drums cut through the excited crowd as the band glides through a long list of energetic rock anthems and power ballads that will have the crowd singing along and screaming for more. But being professional , first-class veterans of rock are only part of the band’s arsenal.
At the core of this band lives an unrivaled chemistry that comes alive on the stage. The band exudes vitality and their excitement is contagious. Those of you who have seen the band already know what I mean. Those who haven’t, well, you’re in for quite a treat. Two people who noticed the band’s outstanding replication of Def Leppard were Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest, co-owners of the cable music channel, AXS TV. In 2014, PYROMANIA was honored to perform on Season 4 of the widely popular cable show, “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands,” hosted by Katie Daryl. Continually improving their skills, PYROMANIA has set the bar high with a long run of successful gigs and eventually gaining the respect of Cuban and Seacrest who asked PYROMANIA to be a part of their AXS TV channel.
PYROMANIA has also worked side-by-side with Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen to help raise awareness to his organization, Raven Drum Foundation. A distinction that no other Def Leppard tribute band has ever been associated with. Members of PYROMANIA have played, toured, and recorded with Def Leppard guitarist, Vivian Campbell. And they are also the only tribute band that has been personally promoted by Def Leppard themselves. So “step inside and walk this way” to celebrate the power and the glory of this extraordinarily accurate rock band known as PYROMANIA!

Dead Man's Party: Tribute to Oingo Boingo

Opening act: Spin



OINGO BOINGO/DANNY ELFMAN tribute band DEAD MAN’S PARTY has been bringing you Boingo tunes LIVE – the way you remember ’em from actual Oingo Boingo shows – for OVER 15 YEARS! This 8-PIECE BAND has been fashioned after the ORIGINAL OINGO BOINGO LINE-UP, featuring a THREE-PIECE HORN SECTION, GUITAR, BASS, KEYS, DRUMS and a front-man so convincing that people sometimes believe that they are actually watching DANNY ELFMAN himself!
Not only has DMP been “ELFO-APPROVED” by Oingo Boingo founder & DMP supporter RICHARD ELFMAN, but at times the band has been joined on stage by FORMER OINGO BOINGO BAND MEMBERS, such as JOHN AVILA, STEVE BARTEK and JOHNNY “VATOS” HERNANDEZ.
“Hard-core Boingo fans continue to show their support and appreciation for the band’s ‘TRUE-TO-BOINGO” sound and their lead-singer’s uncanny resemblance to DANNY ELFMAN, both in looks and in vocal performance. Whether you’re an old-school MYSTIC KNIGHTS of the OINGO BOINGO fan, a DANNY ELFMAN / OINGO BOINGO fanatic, or are new to the Boingo world, DMP always delivers a HIGH-ENERGY, IN YOUR FACE PERFORMANCE that never disappoints!”
A note to their critics:
The members of Dead Man’s Party do not think they are, are not trying to be, nor do they have any delusions of being Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman has said that he would not reunite Oingo Boingo; that’s why DMP exists. Though some former Boingo members do perform as “Oingo Boingo Dance Party Band” on occasion, Oingo Boingo is – UNFORTUNATELY – no more. No band lives forever. DMP, however IS dedicated to recreating the Oingo Boingo experience. We are not just a band paying tribute to the music of Danny Elfman and the boys of OB. We work hard to deliver that music true-as-possible to its original sound with concerts that bring Boingo concert veterans back to the good old days, and show the newbees what’s what…

The Babys

Opening act: Nick Sherwin



Take a new walk down memory lane with THE BABYS Tony Brock (original drummer), Wally Stocker (original lead guitarist), John Bisaha (lead vocalist/bassist), Joey Sykes (guitar), Francesco Saglietti (keyboards) and The Babettes- Holly Bisaha & Elisa Chadbourne!

Desperado: The Premier Eagles Tribute

Opening act: Rob Leines



Desperado, Southern California’s Premier Eagles Tribute, is just that. With five lead vocalists and instrumentalists who have honed their musical skills in a variety of professional projects, “Desperado” is truly a cut above their counterparts with their “all live presentation” (no backing tracks or samplers used in their show) of the most popular band of the 70’s, the Eagles. Singing the Eagles soaring harmonies while executing the guitar parts and rhythm track to perfection, Desperado challenges the listener to tell the difference between what is being played live and what the original recordings sound like.
Spinning off from another well-known Eagles tribute band, leader and founding member Aaron Broering spent years putting together just the right combination of musicians to continue his dream of performing these well-crafted songs with the highest of skill. Recruiting performers who have traveled the world performing with The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, David Ruffin of the Temptations, Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, and with Eagles Timothy B Schmit, Don Felder, and J.D. Souther, Desperado truly is “Southern California’s Premier Eagles Tribute.”

DSB: The Next Best Thing to Journey

Opening act: Minor Strut



DSB has been highly revered as the “next best thing” to Journey. They have captured the lush and signature sound of renowned vocalist Steve Perry and Journey in their prime. Complete with a band of world-class musicians, DSB remains true to Journey’s musical legacy and delivers the nostalgic concert experience that will keep you believin’!
Since 2009, DSB’s high-energy stage production and accurate recreations of Journey classics have made DSB the #1 Journey tribute show in the world. In the past seven years, DSB has exploded nationally, performing coast to coast with iconic rock bands Foreigner, Night Ranger, Little River Band, Loverboy, and REO Speedwagon. DSB was anointed The World’s Greatest Journey tribute band by Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest’s AXS TV and was featured on the network’s hit show, The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands. Vegas Rocks! Magazine honored DSB and named them Best Rock Tribute. DSB has become a fixture at the annual Sounds Like Summer Concert Series at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. Recently, DSB embarked on a 12,000 mile U.S. tour and was featured on FOX television and Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. Currently, DSB is proud to have teamed with Royal Caribbean International to bring the highly acclaimed DSB: An American Journey concert aboard the newest addition to their Quantum Class of luxury cruise ships, The Anthem of the Seas.