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May 2, 2019 by ADMIN

Owning a home in Big Bear is a great experience for most. Big Bear’s pleasant atmosphere and fun activities create the perfect conditions for unforgettable memories. Share those amazing moments with others and earn extra income in the process. Grizzly Vacation Rentals simplifies the process of making your home a successful vacation rental. With a competitive commission rate and great costumer service, Grizzly Vacation Rentals is the number one choice for property management in Big Bear. These are other reasons why you should pick Grizzly Vacation Rentals as your agency:

 Grizzly Vacation RentalsOther Agencies
Personalized customer service for homeowners
User-friendly online booking engine
Responsive website for desktop and mobile
Professional HD marketing photos
Promotional video tour
Homeowner notifications for confirmed bookings
Preventive inventory photos
Meticulous inspections Before and after each reservation
24 on-call assistance for guests
Optimized advertising for each home
Chat support on website
Social media presence

Maximum Online Exposure for your Home

Today's competitive vacation rental market revolves around a strong online presence. At Grizzly Vacation Rentals we understand this. This is why giving your home maximum exposure is one of our main goals. In addition to becoming part of our professionally designed website, we work together with other major vacation rental sites. Our specialized vacation rental network allows us to display accurate information to potential visitors from all over the world. Visitors have the ability to speak to us by phone during business hours, by email until 8pm and to book your home online 24/7.

Excellent Customer Service

Our reservation specialists are trained to respond to all inquiries in a professional manner to maximize bookings. Our tenants have the option of reaching out to us during business hours to ask questions not only about their reservations, but of Big Bear in general. It is this way that visitors have a personalized concierge services. Similarly, our homeowners know that if they have a question, they can reach us by phone our email and receive a response within a timely manner by our professional staff. Tenants have the peace of mind that there is someone on standby 24/7 for any unforeseen emergencies.

Elite Home Care = Your Peace of Mind

Our goals are the same as yours. It is to our best interest to keep a high standard of accommodations for our guests in order to ensure happy costumers. It is because of this reason that we have implemented a five tier process of home inspection:

Tier 1 Pre-arrival Inspection:

Unexpected issues will arise from time to time. It is in the nature of owning homes and therefore, the nature of vacation rentals as well. In order to make sure that our tenants are experiencing the highest possible level of accommodations, a trained inspector examines the home prior to every tenant arrival. This allows us to prevent issues from going unnoticed and keep a record of the current condition of the home.

Tier 2 Check-out Inspection:

Shortly after every tenant departure, a trained inspector will visit the home again. The purpose is to ensure that the home is secured by checking that all appliances and electronics are in working order and turned off, by making sure all doors and windows are locked, and by logging and photographing any accidental damage that occurred during the tenant's stay.

Tier 3 Housekeeping:

Our trusted and professional housekeeping staff is another set of eyes watching over your home. Our housekeepers have over 10 years of experience cleaning vacation rentals. By the time the cleaning is completed, you won't be able to tell a tenant was even there! They record and photograph any accidental damage that occurs during the stay. Our staff works with the tenant's insurance to fix all damages within a timely manner.

Tier 4 Housekeeping Supervisor Inspection:

In order to ensure that not even the smallest detail has been missed, a housekeeping supervisor does an additional inspection of the home after it has been cleaned. Any items that are missed are fixed by our housekeeping department.

Tier 5 Monthly Walkthrough:

Each one of our homes is inspected each month if the home has not been occupied within the past 30 days.